Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Ice Princess Dress

I got a very special request... to create an Ice Princess Dress for a very special dog all the way in Germany!

The request included  stole and lots of bling blings...

Andrea my friend, this is your Ice Princess Dress!

I wanted the overall look of the dress to be that of frosted ice... lots of silver and pure white as well as rabbit fur, for a touch of off white texture!

To awaken the bodice of the dress, I treated pure snow white linnen with a breath of silver plastic silver paint. The result is very Arctic and so beautiful!

To this linen bodice, a belt of crystals was added, just for fun. How much sparkle can a Princess get? The answer was.. not enough!

A beautiful frosted organdy bow nests a crystal brooch for the regal element!

The skirt is made from sparkling organza... the sparkles look like icicles! An underskirt made from the finest tulle gives the skirt a lift and volume.

Ahhh, a mini stole made from faux lo / hi rabbit fur compliments the look.

Andrea, hope you enjoy your new dress ... as much as I enjoyed making it up for you!

Location: On the way to Germany!
for more information and ordering please email me at:

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  1. All I have to say is WOW! How cute is she? Love it! :D