Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Miuccia Winter Coat

There are different approaches to Winter Fashion. You can go either cute or Kiki Hamann elegant!

As we are beginning to experience the first cold nights of the year I sat down to design a winter coat for my own dogs. The ultimate objective was to design not only a very comfortable piece, but a timeless one that could worn for several winters to come. TIMELESS is crucial for great winter fashion!

The Miuccia Winter Coat is very special to me as it was inspired by my own itsy bit chihuahua Miu Miu.

It is made from rustic wool tweed in shades of chocolate, cream and dusty pink. Yes, it speaks French! :)

A hood was mandatory to protect those gorgeous little ears from winter ear aches. But what is a hood without a Kiki Hamann touch? Ours is lined in caramel brown plumes for a perfect "Eskimo" face!

This winter coat is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well. Completely seamless, it is lined in dark chocolate chenille that feels amazing to the touch. It is mink like, completely smooth.


Beautiful ornate lacy trim contours the entire coat, with leather details. It was all applied by hand, the process itself take a whole day to be completed.


Pewter buttons and antique heart clasp adds a whole new dimension to the strong elegant lines of the coat.


Leather, rough wool tweed, pewter elements, smooth chenille, chains... VOILA, OOOH LALAH.... I love it!


Sunday, November 28, 2010

My personal thoughts on the creation process!

- When I create something I think of myself first... would I wear it? If the answer is a of course self, I would.. I go for it!

- I design with thoughts and I think with images! I just can't separate the two processes.

- When I design a collection I have a vision... who, where, how and why. It all comes together in my mind when I have a clear understanding of purpose and intentions. Class, functionality and a bit of exhibitionism! :) It is designed for the stylish lover with an urge for "out of the box" fashion.


- If you have walked into my life, you are now part of my inspiration and a living character of my life story. I believe in the power of connecting energies.. I never walk alone and this is why my journey is always pleasant and enjoyable!


- I need Sushi to create amazing fashion! My stomach is Asian!


- I am completely unfocused, thus I create.  Allow yourself to scatter and you will find yourself geniusly creative.  



- When I say "Impossibly Better" it is then, time to stop and send it to the universe!


- I refuse to pay for publications because I don't believe in paying anyone to tell the world what I want them to think about my work!


- My dreams are too big for my pillow!


- We, Fashion Designers, are always a season ahead, an emotion behind and an attitude on time!


- Nothing aggravates me more than people telling me what to do!


- When the unpredictable happens.. it could just be God rearranging outcomes. Embrace changes!

- My numbers have colors... my colors have scents... my scents have forms have sounds have movement In the two left sides of my brain, I create with all my senses! Nonsense? Nope, Kikisense!

- Great ideas come to the mind when you are not obsessively searching for them

- Fashion is a memento. It is absorbing visual creation with all the senses. It is all about intentions 

 Note: the beautiful yorkie featured in this article is Millie LaRue of Hilton Head, SC.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Black and White Collection Runway Show - Winter 2010

 I was long due to blog about our Winter 2010 Runway Show : The Black & White Collection. It was spectacular in every sense of the word and if you were there with us that night, you know exactly what I am talking about.  What makes a successful runway show anyway?  In my belief, it is great story telling , script writing and amazing fashion put together as a show by a formidable director of operations.  The conductor of our show was Alex Freire, the man behind everything and all the right choices!   

What makes a fashion show unforgettable?  It is all in the details: the right crowd, the right models, the right setting, the right drinks and food and makeup artist and hair stylists and very important; the right music and light system bringing just the perfect energy to play. A runway fashion show is a display of attitude and it should mimic the designer's intention for the line being presented. 

I am so proud of this fashion show as it represented my vision as a designer from the step and repeat down to the beautiful closing.  I will dare to say: Canine Fashion has not ever in history been presented the way I have done in this event.  Canine Couture has taken a whole different meaning in the dictionary!

The event was held at the courtyard of One Bal Harbour Hotel and Spa. Impossibly more Miami!  The outside patio faces the picture perfect view of a beachfront oasis. The weather was just right , thank you God! 

As our guests walked into our show they were greeted by our official photographer, Carlos Hernandez  a.k.a.UKMCBO and had the chance to pose at the the Step and Repeat designed by me.  From the door to the runway, everything was Black & White perfection, setting the mood. I was completely flattered to notice all of our guests dressed up in black & white just for us.  This commitment from the crowd to the theme of my collection got tears running down my cheeks and I knew then, I was writing fashion history.

As our guests mingled, sipped SexCC Liquids and ate the great food provided by Boteco, I was busy getting pretty for the night at Hair 1160, not too far from the hotel. Behind the scenes, make up artist Katherine Johnson got our human models looking runway ready. 

Canine Couture with real fashion approach was about to debut on the black carpet.

Black and White dogs of all sizes made their way onto the runway presenting the fashion of KHCC.  Leather handbags, carriers, pouches, dresses, harnesses did not fail to impress a very enthusiastic audience.

When the show was over, I came in to collect my personal laurel crown.  Yes, it felt special to be there receiving the applause.  It was so much fun!

I want to make a special mention to Patrick Lopez  a.k.a. Xpresso Music for always providing the best soundtrack and for O & J Electric for making sure that generator was up all night running!
For The Pet Club for creating the Dog Bar and distributing treats to our furry guests! Nick Betancourt for stepping up last minute and helping to connect!
Thank you guys!

Me, standing tall on the dogwalk!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Black & White Collection - The Fashion Spread

When I design a collection I have a vision... who, where,how and why.  It all comes together in my mind when I have a clear understanding of purpose and intentions.  My Black & White Collection is inspired by the busy urban lifestyle. Class, functionality and a bit of exhibitionism!  :) It is designed for the stylish dog lover with an urge for out of the box fashion.  My thoughts were so elegantly translated by the professional eye of photographer Carlos Hernandez (UKMCBO photography) as he shot my favorite exhibitionists:  Model Frederique Levy and Chihuahuas Miu Miu and Roberta.  Hair and make up done by 1160 Hair

What do you think?  I would love to hear!  Email

The KHCC Bow Tie

 Style comes in all sizes and class in different manners.

My personal favorite item of my Christmas collection is the very classy KHCC Bow Tie.

An over sized brocade bow turns a regular item into couture sensation! This piece was designed for my very own Kenzo, a very elegant black poodle.

So Tom Ford, would you kindly step out of the way.. here comes Kiki Hamann's bowties for the him in your life! :)


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Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Cardinal of Christmas Dress

Once again I turned to my childhood for the inspiration behind this dress. The most magical memories of my family holidays are represented in this piece.
People mostly associate Christmas with the color red… I dared to be different and again non-conforming; in my own perception Christmas has always been green! Green a...s in Christmas trees… as in garlands... as in rich welcoming wreaths… and mistletoes, as in bowls of pistachio nuts… green as in life itself! No other time of the year brings us the life intensity found at Christmas and I wanted to wish you all a very merry green Christmas like the ones I used to know!

At our home, we gathered for Christmas supper at the midnight of December 24. After supper is when the present exchanges happened. The children used to gather around the three, counting the boxes… and waiting for the cuckoo clock to announce our favorite midnight of the year.

This dress tells stories of green imperial Christmases, garlands and flowers and memories of ornate stair rails - Memories of the magical cuckoo bird bringing us the most whimsical midnight of the year. Cuckoo clock, golden ribbons, evergreens, white petals… it is all here in Canine Couture Style in this timeless piece.

The dress is made from emerald colored cotton that goes marvelous with every fur color. It is trimmed in luxurious golden lace for a very imperial look. A garland of organdy ribbon comes down the dress, caught in blossoms of white Poinsettia. The dress comes alive when a red feathered cardinal lands at the waist giving it an absolute decorative value and 3D impression. The skirt is lined with red tulle for extra support and charm.

From my heart to yours, Merry Green Christmas

Kiki Hamann

The Black Swan Dress

A passion for the ballet has inspired me to create the perfect little black dress every fur girl must have!  From the tip of a ballerina's shoes to my sketch board, I bring you my own version of the Black Swan! 

The shantung bodice sets the stage for beautiful ruffled organza wings! 

Feathers around the neck and on the side of the bodice suggest beautiful swan elegance. The skirt is trimmed in arabesque rosettes and is fully lined in black tulle!

The torso is trimmed by a string of crystals. This is pure luxury living !

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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Black & White Fashion Show - The Location

It is a very windy day in South Beach when we decide to inspect the site that is to host our Winter / Fall 2010-11 fashion show.  Finding the right location for this show was no easy task.  Our collection is about metropolitan lifestyle and we wanted the party site to reflect this vibe and add style and glamor to the preview of our collection.  The address chosen is the rooftop of a beautiful brand new building - Boulan South Beach on the corner of 21st and Collins.  

With the perfect address in hands, we arrive prompt and eager to work on the plans for the big day.  I am immediately relieved to know there are plenty of parking opportunities around the block plus knowing we will have valet parking service for the day.  Instant peace of mind as we all know parking in Miami can be quite hectic!  

We are greeted by publicist Edward de Valle and his team.  Their enthusiasm is contagious. With us, our assistant, our photographer, Carlos Hernandez and our consultant : Miu Miu, the chihuahua.  Here are the considerations we will be making as we walk the building for the first time.

Setting up the runway.
Setting up the bars.
Setting up food stations.
Setting up banners.
Setting up a dog bar
Setting up tables and chairs
Setting up the music station - ( DJ Patrick Lopez will be providing us the music)
Landscaping (Provided by Leaf)
VIP rooms
Crowd Control and Security
Welcoming Station
Dressing Rooms

The list is just the beginning of the brainstorming to take place.  Organizing an event to please humans and dogs alike is no easy task. We have rolled our sleeves and we are ready to get the party going. I have one request and that is TO KEEP IT AS ELEGANT as the beautiful products I am creating to be showcased.  Black and White elegant is the theme and name of the game.

There is more to come.. stay tuned!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Ice Princess Dress

I got a very special request... to create an Ice Princess Dress for a very special dog all the way in Germany!

The request included  stole and lots of bling blings...

Andrea my friend, this is your Ice Princess Dress!

I wanted the overall look of the dress to be that of frosted ice... lots of silver and pure white as well as rabbit fur, for a touch of off white texture!

To awaken the bodice of the dress, I treated pure snow white linnen with a breath of silver plastic silver paint. The result is very Arctic and so beautiful!

To this linen bodice, a belt of crystals was added, just for fun. How much sparkle can a Princess get? The answer was.. not enough!

A beautiful frosted organdy bow nests a crystal brooch for the regal element!

The skirt is made from sparkling organza... the sparkles look like icicles! An underskirt made from the finest tulle gives the skirt a lift and volume.

Ahhh, a mini stole made from faux lo / hi rabbit fur compliments the look.

Andrea, hope you enjoy your new dress ... as much as I enjoyed making it up for you!

Location: On the way to Germany!
for more information and ordering please email me at:

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Faberge Alexandra Dress - Lily of the Valley

Once again, I turned to the works of famous jeweler Carl FabergĂ© for inspiration. The second of my Faberge inspired dresses; “Alexandra” comes with a special fondness as I find this particular jeweled egg to be the most feminine of them all!
The “Lillies of the Valley” is one of the two eggs in Art Nouveau style, with strong passionate colors. It was presented in 1898 to Tsaritsa Alexandra Fyodorovna, one lucky Lady and here I am, over 100 years later transforming this vision into a gorgeous dress for you little Czarina! Yes, it is pure opulence.
This dress has used every single skill I have learned throughout my life, it is completely hand made and I am very proud of it.
From creation to execution it took me nearly a month and as you will see the end result was worth every minute of the time.

The bodice of the dress is made from silk shantung that has been tinted with a breath of golden dye to resemble the enamel used on the original egg.
The result color is three dimensional and exquisite! To this perfect background, I have added silk quilted lily of the valley leaves. Notice, they are
not solid green, but have a gradient effect.

These were hand made and quilted one by one, so they would stand out and add 3d depth to the dress. Strands of golden thread hold dozens of pearl lilies, again put together one by one by me.

Each of the pearls received a golden crown to mimic the lilies. The bouquet of lilies is tied by an over sized gradient green satin bow to which more pearl lilies were hand sewn.

Strings of crystals frame the lilies, just like in the original Faberge Egg. To the collar area, I have added a gorgeous little heart topped by a crown, representing the surprise lockets that are hidden by this egg. It is very regal!
The four-layer organza skirt also receive
d special treatment - A dip in golden dye, matching perfectly the bodice. Pure Faberge Enamel in fabric form! The skirt is decorated with gorgeous golden trim all around the rim.

Everything in this dress is special as none of the materials were used as they came originally They all received special artistic treatment and went through a transformation. The result is pure Kiki Hamann.
Presenting Little Czarina Miu Miu in her “Alexandra” dress!

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