Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Alice Dress

This Dress took more than just took uniting three countries and eight different suppliers to allow me to have in hands the materials to materialize my mind into an Alice Dress...
With so much Wonderland going on, I too, caught the fever and got carried away into revisiting and re-creating Alice.
My own Alice!

The inspiration did not come from Hollywood. In this case, it was a perfect combination of my early childhood memories and my College girl notes.... :-)
I grew up, or better saying... did not grow up at all, reading the great Lewis Carroll.
A passion for fine china, tea parties, hats and hatters and all things Victorian, bit me and I simply could not ignore Alice. Queen Victoria herself was an avid reader of Alice! I know it!!!

I invite you to celebrate in great style, yet another "unbirthday" as you travel with me into this fabulous dress and unveil its mysteries!

The Blue, had to be Alice perfect! Not baby blue, not grayish blue, not sky blue... I dug hard into my head to find just the right shade and it came from the old English Wedgewood China. More precisely a collection of Wedgewood boxes that sat in my living room as I was growing up!( I included a picture of it)...

So, Wedgewood Blue and Opal White was certainly an Alice beginning! To this ever so perfect background, I added a splash of Victorian Black as I buttoned down this dress in black bows and filigree buttons that sit over a strip of lace.
Ruffles of white organza make up for the lack of puffy sleeves and a big, constructed bow marries ruffles, lace and bows.

The bodice of the dress is made from Silk Shantung and lined with top quality Suede. The skirt is made from two shades of blue organza layered for dimension and fullness.

But this would not be Wonderland if I did not get a smile out of you....So I gave Alice a big watch to make sure she would not miss the party and I intentionally hung it up side down to express the Wonderland nonsense... and of course, a super unique little tea pot Add Image
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for your tea cup!

A beautiful silver chain made up of little birds join together the watch and the tea cup!

A very Victorian Cameo was then added to the neck... Alice was most definitely a silver spoon baby!

Thank you for been a part of my imagination!

Note: Trixie, the Greyhound is photographed by Nicole Geller.

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