Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Andalusia Dress

I am very motivated by my surroundings when I create! The sounds, the environment, the scents... All my senses create along with me! It is more than just visual!
To the flammable music of the Gypsy Kings - strong , passionate, danceable, energizing, romantic and so sensual I sit to create my next dress. I wanted to represent the undeniable Hispanic Heritage of Miami, the city I have embraced as my home.
The sun is setting in amazing colors of red as we walk the Espanola Way. The street is packed with little cafes and beautiful people. The music is provocative. There is loud clapping and so much laughter. The occasion calls for Red Wine and Tapas. The whole environment is so seductive!
The flamenco dancer performs with passion and fervor always striving for grace and dignity.
Coming from that place in my imagination, I bring you this strong sexy and dramatic dress! It is "caliente" and it definitely speaks "Espanol" !

The bodice of the dress is made from silky burgundy fabric that could have been spilled from a jar of Sangria! It has beautiful accents of black velour flowers.

The skirt is the fullest I have ever done. Two layers of burgundy organza underneath a layer of beautiful black lace! It sits perfectly!

Red flowers could not have been left out as they are the essence of Flamenco!

Now, as for the Kiki Hamann touch, a little pill box hat, brings flowers to the head! The hat is held in place by black organza ribbons!

This is Drama... Kiki Hamann style.

Note: This dressed is designed exclusively for intense personalities! Let you little dog wear it at your own risk! :)


Note: The beautiful Italian Greyhound featured in this blog is Miss Trixie, wonderfully photographed by Nicole Geller.

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