Saturday, July 3, 2010

Valentino Valentines Dress

Who can resist a Lady in Red! This is my very limited edition Valentines Dress for 2010.

It is a tribute to wonderful Valentino and his love for deep reds! By the way, Valentino is the ultimate dog lover - with a passion for Pugs!

I think you all saw the croquis I drew last week and perhaps were wondering how it turned out! Seeing the dress pop out from paper into fabric in 3D is still one of my passions. From imagination to the Hanger! :)

This dress features a bodice made from blood red micro suede, lovely to the touch! A heart of red petals (cut one by one by me) and hand sewn in place. The flirty skirt is done in even deeper red, made from silky organza! It really adds the glamor and divine elegance the occasion asks for!

To finalize.. a double bow, made from organza with a touch of glitter, crowned by little flowers. Just to make it girlie perfect!

Celebrate Love!

We do!

Happy Valentines

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