Kiki Hamann Canine Couture was born with the desire to help stylish dog owners find one of a kind items for their beloved pets. This highly unique manufacturing company took on the responsibility from the start to design and create the latest in high-end canine merchandise to fit the modern dog owner’s taste and lifestyle. Opening doors to the canine fashion world, Kiki Hamann Canine Couture pieces undoubtedly outshine the dull and traditional merchandise, and are best recognized for their lavish detail.

The brand’s vision began with the hope of encouraging the way pet lovers view their furry friends. “As people of this day and age bury themselves in their careers and busy lives, less opportunities of having a child are surfacing. It is easy to say that dogs are the new kids”, states Kiki Hamann, the eclectic designer herself. She knows from personal experience how attached one can get to their pets and how overlooked it could be to seek the adequate pet accessories for a sophisticated lifestyle. For more than five years, Hamann has been able to translate the love she has for her pups into her creation of such chic canine merchandise. Her ultimate goal is to better suit these adult dog owners with items that can match their personal style, and give a more mature and trendy touch to pet fashion.

Kiki Hamann Canine Couture stresses their uniqueness and exclusivity more than any other outstanding quality they posses. Unlike mass produced factory products, each of Kiki Hamann’s items are handled and crafted by hand, one step at a time. They each begin with a personal vision, and are then sketched to match the exceptional design idea. There is no doubt that both passion and skill, along with a substantial amount of time are needed to create such customized canine accessories.

When taking into account the birth place for her business, Kiki Hamann decided “what better place than Miami, one of the fashion gates of the world, to bring this haute-couture brand to life”. Considered a melting pot of culture and style, the city of Miami has embraced the idea of bringing dogs and their smitten parents a touch of flare. Fashion-forward shoppers are sure to turn their attention to this city for the latest trends. KH Canine Couture is forecasted to keep growing internationally as well as locally. With retailers in places like Germany, Switzerland, Norway and Australia, this luxury brand is sure to continue flourishing and prove its unmatched and exclusive product to the world.

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