Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Isabel Dress

Who's your living bouquet?

My July dress is a refreshing breath for the very hot months of summer.

The inspiration behind this dress is the flower that marked my childhood growing up in Brazil. The beautiful blue hydrangea of the Imperial city of Petropolis, our family vacation destination.

The imperial city is known as Hydrangea capital of Brazil. Blue hydrangea bushes bloom everywhere and in every house.

This flower has yet a special significance. It was the favorite flower of Princess Isabel, a Princess who was not just noble in her title but noble in her heart. Princess Isabel was known as " Isabel the Redemptress" . Acting as regent she signed the final edict declaring the abolition of slavery in Brazil


This dress honors this outstanding princess.

The bring the Blue Hydrangea to life,
I created the bodice of this dress by overlaying blue and lavender petals, one by one to resemble the flower. These petals are hand sewn to a baby pink background. The bottom of the bodice is embellished by several Lavender organdy ribbons. It has dimension and texture, a 3D experience all in itself.

To bring yet more layers to this dress, I added two elements to the skirt. First a layer of royal blue nylon tulle to give the skirt support. Over the royal blue, a double layer of soft pink organza. The combination of this layers result in multi colored skirt, that reflects the light and mimics the flower.

The biggest challenge of this dress was the photography! :) My household camera, had difficulty focusing the layers and transparency of this dress. The photos you see here definitely do not do justice to this very feminine dress.

It is a boost of colors!

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