The Black & White Collection - Fall / Winter 2010/11


Kiki Hamann Reveals Her Much-Anticpated  ‘Black & White’ Compilation to the World 

MIAMI, FL – September 1, 2010 – Fashionistas everywhere striving to break away from the typical and undistinguished dog merchandise turn their attention towards Kiki Hamann Canine Couture, the chic brand that delivers a touch of luxury to dog fashion without disregarding utility or comfort. With an elegant and timeless theme in mind, the canine couture brand presents the new ‘Black & White Collection’ for Fall and Winter 2010-2011, which promises to elevate every dog-owner’s fashion intellect.

From exquisite handbags and multipurpose pouches, to lavish doggie beds and harnesses, the Black & White Collection by Kiki Hamann Canine Couture offers select few an array of eclectic design. Gone are the days of the ho-hum dog carriers in drab styles and boring material. The classy Audrey, Arctic, and Nocturne Handbags are designed with luscious detail, desirable materials, and perfect patterns while also providing many handy pockets in carrousel style for all the necessary items when carrying around a four-legged friend.

The popular Arctic and Nocturn Pouches, made from Italian leather, are  a fan favorite, as they serve as both a hand carrier and sleeping bed for the classy pup. Coupling high style with high comfort, the white Arctic Schiesser Leather Bed and the black Nocturne Bed adds to anyone’s interior décor in addition to pleasing the pampered dog. And for the canine with a bit of pizzazz that is traveling in style, the luxurious Harnesses and ever so popular Eliza Dress are within this season’s must-haves.

Kiki Hamann, the celebrity designer and mastermind behind the inimitable brand, drew insipiration for the collection from her desire to relive the 1930s fashion look, as many key elements of the style remain stapled to this day. The metropolitan and trendy use of black and white gives a fresh, clean, and unquestionably sophisticated look, suitable for men and women alike. “The elegant colors are a personal favorite of mine, versatile enough to match anyone’s closet and décor,” explains the stylish artist. “As seen in the Yin-Yang, the colors black and white are a metaphor for duality: his and hers, night and day, good dog, bad dog!” With the goal of delivering chic, yet timeless pieces to the trendy dog-owner with an active social life, this new royal collection is sure to make a fashion statement this season.  For more information and to get the latest in canine couture, visit  or call (305)764-4095.

About Kiki Hamann Canine Couture
For the first time, a fashion designer has turned their attention towards man’s best friend. Kiki Hamann Canine Couture is a highly imaginative brand that creates the very best in high-end canine merchandise. Aimed at the stylish dog lover, designs are promised an exclusive hand-made touch, and range from one-of-a-kind harnesses and handbags to chic apparel. Kiki Hamann creates her unique products from top quality materials such as leather, suede, faux fur, fine lace and silk, with guaranteed durability and attention to artisanship.
All pieces are best known for their trendy and lavish detail and are made in the U.S. This luxury brand is respected enough to attract designer Uberto Gucci himself. Most recently, Kiki Hamann has created a special trousseau for Uberto Gucci’s Chihuahua Prickly. The brand targets smaller breeds of dogs, but can customize items for all breeds upon request. Kiki Hamann’s limited-edition products can be purchased directly from her website, or from one of the many exclusive retail partners around the world.

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