Friday, July 16, 2010

The Faberge Alexandra Dress - Lily of the Valley

Once again, I turned to the works of famous jeweler Carl Fabergé for inspiration. The second of my Faberge inspired dresses; “Alexandra” comes with a special fondness as I find this particular jeweled egg to be the most feminine of them all!
The “Lillies of the Valley” is one of the two eggs in Art Nouveau style, with strong passionate colors. It was presented in 1898 to Tsaritsa Alexandra Fyodorovna, one lucky Lady and here I am, over 100 years later transforming this vision into a gorgeous dress for you little Czarina! Yes, it is pure opulence.
This dress has used every single skill I have learned throughout my life, it is completely hand made and I am very proud of it.
From creation to execution it took me nearly a month and as you will see the end result was worth every minute of the time.

The bodice of the dress is made from silk shantung that has been tinted with a breath of golden dye to resemble the enamel used on the original egg.
The result color is three dimensional and exquisite! To this perfect background, I have added silk quilted lily of the valley leaves. Notice, they are
not solid green, but have a gradient effect.

These were hand made and quilted one by one, so they would stand out and add 3d depth to the dress. Strands of golden thread hold dozens of pearl lilies, again put together one by one by me.

Each of the pearls received a golden crown to mimic the lilies. The bouquet of lilies is tied by an over sized gradient green satin bow to which more pearl lilies were hand sewn.

Strings of crystals frame the lilies, just like in the original Faberge Egg. To the collar area, I have added a gorgeous little heart topped by a crown, representing the surprise lockets that are hidden by this egg. It is very regal!
The four-layer organza skirt also receive
d special treatment - A dip in golden dye, matching perfectly the bodice. Pure Faberge Enamel in fabric form! The skirt is decorated with gorgeous golden trim all around the rim.

Everything in this dress is special as none of the materials were used as they came originally They all received special artistic treatment and went through a transformation. The result is pure Kiki Hamann.
Presenting Little Czarina Miu Miu in her “Alexandra” dress!

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  1. This dress is simply fantastic! Great idea :)