Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Faberge Rothchild Dress

The Faberge Dress - Inspired by the beautiful Jeweled Eggs from the House of Faberge! Made from the best and for the best!

I have been drooling over these eggs for just about my entire life and inspired by this secret passion of mine I decided to bring this influence into my March Dress.

I wanted to create a Royal Pink Dress with class and elegance worthy of a Czarina!

From the Rothschild Faberge I got inspired to find just the right shade of dusty soft pink!

The bodice was inspired by the exterior work of several of the Eggs. All laced in crystals and enamel.

I had to add a piece of jewel. And in this case, a vintage crystal brooch , what a luxury! To the bodice of the dress I added embroidered french knots and hot pressed a few crystals.
Not to mention a four looped over sized organza bow.

The full and long skirt made from Baby Pink, adds to the regal look!

But... a merely Kiki Hamann element was still missing... and to this ever so elegant and feminine look I added a Stole made from Faux Ostrich Fur in complimentary dusty pink.

The Stole brings Russian Splendor to this piece and it is fun even when worn by itself.

This dressed is lined in the finest ultrasuede for the comfort of your dog. The stole is also lined in ultra suede and handstiched.

This is an unique, and one of a kind dress made by me, for you.

You are buying more than just a dress for your dog, in fact you are buying a piece of me, my imagination, my vision! :)

I will reproduce a dress like this one for your puppy with a similar piece of jewel, as the one in this picture is one of a kind.

Thank you for stopping by and getting a first look at what I have been doing! You have the privilege of seeing it first, even before it makes it to my website!

These dresses will be made to the order and to fit your dog. Each will have an unique one of a kind brooch!

The model above is Trixie photographed by talented Nicole Geller

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