Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Godiva & Diamonds Dress

February is such a romantic month and I just can’t help but to tune in with the vibrations of Love.  Nope, this is not your conventional pink Valentines dress, this time, the inspiration comes from dark, rich, decadent, full of texture, sensorial, European “Chocolat” !   During my travels I have learned how to ask for the quintessential delight in different languages, dialects and even sign for it!   So here is my personal tribute to yet, another passion modeled by my Petit Bonbon!  :)

This dress got so much attention during our photo shoot.  It has an element of non expected, never seen before. It is haute all the way.  The design features a vest made from dark chocolate taffeta.  It is all gathered top for a dimensional textured look. Stripes of white sparkling crystal ( to be more precise, 115 stones) draw the eye to a cocoa shantung skirt.  This is a very special fabric, shimmering heavy shantung with charcoal  copper undertone.

The skirt is armed for extra body, in the best Monroe style.  A side bow features a crystal spiral just there for extra charm!

So, not your typical conventional Valentines dress, huh? Then again, I am not your typical conventional girl.  This Valentine’s Day, break all the rules and wrap yourself in Chocolate and Diamonds! Dare to be innovative!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Spring Break Dress

It is called a distraction!  :) Kiki was busy in her atelier creating Valentines fashion and new Spring items when she spotted her personal Pandora Box where she keeps her wonderful favorite items, pieces of fabric, trims, buttons, you know, the personal goodies and of course her imagination.  Along with the best goodies in the workshop, inside that box lies quietly DISTRACTION, and this is why she hides it safely away to prevent Distraction from flying out of the box.

Oops, it happened again! 

The Spring Break  Dress is a refreshing distraction bringing colors in the forms of flowers and birds to life!  

This is a perfect little girl's dress, with double armed skirts. A pleated fuchsia satin belt at the waist nests the migrating birds!

It is a breath of happiness!

There will be only one.  Special goodies don't come in bolts!

Cheers to beautiful spring days to come and walks in the park!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Lovely Dress - A Valentines Special Edition

It is such a wonderful feeling to have the atelier surrounded by the romantic colors of Valentines! Romantic, that was the note I took to heart while creating my 2011 Valetines Dress. So as you glance through this album, picture yourself sipping wonderful Champagne… having guilty feelings about finishing up a box of expensive chocolate… dressing up in delightful scents, listening to romantic music… 

My Miu Miu definitely embraced the romantic mood the dress called for and I had the hardest time knowing when to stop the photo shoot… As you will see, she became Miss Valentines herself.

The inspiration for just the right pink came from yet another of my personal memories, this time my favorite chocolate candy – Sonho de Valsa (Dream of Waltz).  Strong, feminine yet, daring!  

My little canine fatale is dressed in a beautiful layered dress, made from the best imported Peau de Soie in vibrant pink.  For a layered look, I have given the dress a scalloped over skirt, made from divine striped organza in cheerful pink. Yes, that is right, pink on pink; it is all about the pink.  

The dress is complimented by a vine of crystal flowers and fuchsia roses that run from the bodice down to the waist.

Because Miu Miu has been a wonderful little girl, she deserved an extra. Yes, isn’t life about the extras?  Notice in her little paw a Crystal Bracelet.. what is a girl to do without diamonds on Valentine’s Day?

The bracelet is elastic and so much fun!
What is your Valentines inspiration?

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Essentials - A Suitcase for the World Traveller Dog

Happy amazing 2011 everyone! This is my first product of the New Year! It is a celebration just as a expect the year to be!

I have had so much fun developing and creating this project! The inspiration was my personal life style doing one of the things I love the most... traveling with my dogs!

How can we take home along? The answer is of course, in a Kiki Hamann Essentials suitcase! :)

An antique inspired suitcase was the start for my journey. As I stripped down the original suitcase to its bare structure, hundreds of ideas came to my mind. I wanted the essentials to have an old world feel... European and timeless! Bois de Rose shades, touches of sage / light green to celebrate the spring to come! Printemps!

The essentials is a suitcase that doubles as a bed on the go. It was inspired by the wonderful antique doll trunks ... a tradition almost gone now!

Inside the trunk I created a big pocket to store toys and trinkets. I have given it a mattress that can be flipped from luxurious fur, when the weather or AC is chilly, to a fabric choice. Either look is beatuiful! The trunk is all redone in European fabric and finished in gold trimmings.

What goes in the trunk:
The essentials, of course! :)

A reversible mattress (yes, it can be washed). Luxurious Faux Lo / Hi Rabbit fur on one side and matching fabric on the other side.

A document case ( for all the traveling documents including dog shots and itinerary).

A long old fashion flannel nightgown with 3/4 sleeves so baby can have her beauty sleep in total comfort.

A gorgeous ivory ultra suede harness with a quadruple bow and and matching leash for day walks.

A gorgeous layered dress that is so elegant I want to scream!  The Lily Dress.

Two stainless steel water / food bowls that fit into a pouch for a quick drink / snack on the go.

A case for jewelery and little bows (lined in satin of course), with dividers for all the precious trinkets.

A pouch with on the go grooming essentials: A brush (embellished by me), doggie wipes and doggie breath mints.

A world traveler sweater, knitted by me!

And least but not last, a bath robe, that is so soft you would wish you had one as well.

Forgot to mention a matching name tag!

This beautiful suitcase if flying to meet lovely Lily! It was designed for her!

I will create OOAK ones by order only!

All of my dogs are demanding theirs!

Lily sweetheart... hope you love the surprise Mommie got for you!