Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Mad Hatter Harness

A couture harness for boys was way due and I had to deliver it! I do love creating for the little guys, as it seems to be very difficult to find high quality pieces other than tuxedos!

Still in Wonderland, I searched for inspiration! and yes, the Tea Party is my favorite part of the story.. he was staring at me and screaming to be created! My own version of the Madhatter!
Permission to be mad! I closed my eyes and envisioned my own hatter...
A dash of Elton John, a little bit of David Bowie, something of Charles Chaplin and a lot of Kiki Hamann!
There is logic in this craziness!
The vest is made from Great black and golden Brocade to which i have sewn a strip of black suede.On the back of the vest, there are a few special items. A heart, stolen from the Queen Of Hearts herself and a teapot. One needs to be always ready for unexpected celebrations!
A pocket watch and an hour glass just to make sure time won't pass by unnoticed!
Beautiful ornate buttons are connected by a chain!O huge bow tie is made from satine shantung. It is over sized. I wouldn't have it any other way!
And for the hat...
the hat is done in beautiful black ribbon. Madhatter may be mad, but definitely a man of class and silver spoons! I have added diamonds and gemstones for extra glitz! A few teapots and coffee pots... and as for that Kiki unexpected touch... I incorporated the rabbit to his hat.

Wonders of wonderland.. there is no right or wrong, just different perceptions!

Please email me if you are interested in having a Madhatter set for your baby. Please keep in mind, the pieces and charms I use, are special findings. I will use different charms and findings on each outfit, but maintaining true to my own creation.

and on the mystical note...
I just had to share... my little girl, Nina, the model in these pictures is an amazing dog. I truly believe she captures my mind and my vision for each creation as she very obviously becomes the character I had in mind for each model. In this photo shooting, I was amazed to noticed that she even looks like my sketch... same expression!

I love my Madhatter!

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