The Urban Elegance Collection - Summer 11

The Urban Elegance Collection – Summer 11


Kiki Hamann reinvents the dog!

MIAMI, FL – Feb 25, 2011 – Dog owners everywhere with a fondness for style and quality will be thrilled with Kiki Hamann’s newest Collection Urban Elegance. Breaking away from the typical Dog merchandise, Hamann brings to play a collection that is chic, irreverent and current inspired by the Metropolitan lifestyle.

The new social dog has a purpose, goes places, attends events and blends in with people.  Hamann has created the new collection to function side by side with human fashion without clashes.  It is envisioned as much for the human as for the dog.  From the new multipurpose tote bags, to lavish doggie beds and harnesses, the Urban Elegance Collection by Kiki Hamann Canine Couture offers select few an array of metropolitan inspired design.  

Making use of Collage techniques, Hamann reinvents fabric work, pairing up lavish brocades and laces to matte backgrounds for a very artistic and exclusive look.  The star of the new collection is the new Tote combining functionality and couture and being offered in different compositions. The Tote doubles as a dog carrier as well as a handbag.

Model Fergie and the Phantom Tote are photographed by Carole Murphy

Kiki Hamann, the celebrity designer drew inspiration for the collection from her personal passion and experience with Metropolitan fashion. The trendy use of dense colors that travel through the seasons without losing appeal, the importance of accessories, the timeless statement of each piece and durability were Hamann’s biggest considerations when building this collection.  “A dog wears his fashion for the duration of their lifetime, so each piece is an investment and it should be durable, functional, season-less and always beautiful. The dog needs to be re-invented!“  says the  innovative designer who is well known for her “firsts” 

For more information and to get the latest in canine couture, visit or call (305)764-4095.

About Kiki Hamann Canine Couture
For the first time, a fashion designer has turned their attention towards man’s best friend. Kiki Hamann Canine Couture is a highly imaginative brand that creates the very best in high-end canine merchandise. Aimed at the stylish dog lover, designs are promised an exclusive hand-made touch, and range from one-of-a-kind harnesses and handbags to chic apparel. Kiki Hamann creates her unique products from top quality materials such as leather, suede, faux fur, fine lace and silk, with guaranteed durability and attention to artisanship.