Monday, September 13, 2010

The Black & White Fashion Show - The Location

It is a very windy day in South Beach when we decide to inspect the site that is to host our Winter / Fall 2010-11 fashion show.  Finding the right location for this show was no easy task.  Our collection is about metropolitan lifestyle and we wanted the party site to reflect this vibe and add style and glamor to the preview of our collection.  The address chosen is the rooftop of a beautiful brand new building - Boulan South Beach on the corner of 21st and Collins.  

With the perfect address in hands, we arrive prompt and eager to work on the plans for the big day.  I am immediately relieved to know there are plenty of parking opportunities around the block plus knowing we will have valet parking service for the day.  Instant peace of mind as we all know parking in Miami can be quite hectic!  

We are greeted by publicist Edward de Valle and his team.  Their enthusiasm is contagious. With us, our assistant, our photographer, Carlos Hernandez and our consultant : Miu Miu, the chihuahua.  Here are the considerations we will be making as we walk the building for the first time.

Setting up the runway.
Setting up the bars.
Setting up food stations.
Setting up banners.
Setting up a dog bar
Setting up tables and chairs
Setting up the music station - ( DJ Patrick Lopez will be providing us the music)
Landscaping (Provided by Leaf)
VIP rooms
Crowd Control and Security
Welcoming Station
Dressing Rooms

The list is just the beginning of the brainstorming to take place.  Organizing an event to please humans and dogs alike is no easy task. We have rolled our sleeves and we are ready to get the party going. I have one request and that is TO KEEP IT AS ELEGANT as the beautiful products I am creating to be showcased.  Black and White elegant is the theme and name of the game.

There is more to come.. stay tuned!

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