Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Ice Princess Dress

I got a very special request... to create an Ice Princess Dress for a very special dog all the way in Germany!

The request included  stole and lots of bling blings...

Andrea my friend, this is your Ice Princess Dress!

I wanted the overall look of the dress to be that of frosted ice... lots of silver and pure white as well as rabbit fur, for a touch of off white texture!

To awaken the bodice of the dress, I treated pure snow white linnen with a breath of silver plastic silver paint. The result is very Arctic and so beautiful!

To this linen bodice, a belt of crystals was added, just for fun. How much sparkle can a Princess get? The answer was.. not enough!

A beautiful frosted organdy bow nests a crystal brooch for the regal element!

The skirt is made from sparkling organza... the sparkles look like icicles! An underskirt made from the finest tulle gives the skirt a lift and volume.

Ahhh, a mini stole made from faux lo / hi rabbit fur compliments the look.

Andrea, hope you enjoy your new dress ... as much as I enjoyed making it up for you!

Location: On the way to Germany!
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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Faberge Alexandra Dress - Lily of the Valley

Once again, I turned to the works of famous jeweler Carl FabergĂ© for inspiration. The second of my Faberge inspired dresses; “Alexandra” comes with a special fondness as I find this particular jeweled egg to be the most feminine of them all!
The “Lillies of the Valley” is one of the two eggs in Art Nouveau style, with strong passionate colors. It was presented in 1898 to Tsaritsa Alexandra Fyodorovna, one lucky Lady and here I am, over 100 years later transforming this vision into a gorgeous dress for you little Czarina! Yes, it is pure opulence.
This dress has used every single skill I have learned throughout my life, it is completely hand made and I am very proud of it.
From creation to execution it took me nearly a month and as you will see the end result was worth every minute of the time.

The bodice of the dress is made from silk shantung that has been tinted with a breath of golden dye to resemble the enamel used on the original egg.
The result color is three dimensional and exquisite! To this perfect background, I have added silk quilted lily of the valley leaves. Notice, they are
not solid green, but have a gradient effect.

These were hand made and quilted one by one, so they would stand out and add 3d depth to the dress. Strands of golden thread hold dozens of pearl lilies, again put together one by one by me.

Each of the pearls received a golden crown to mimic the lilies. The bouquet of lilies is tied by an over sized gradient green satin bow to which more pearl lilies were hand sewn.

Strings of crystals frame the lilies, just like in the original Faberge Egg. To the collar area, I have added a gorgeous little heart topped by a crown, representing the surprise lockets that are hidden by this egg. It is very regal!
The four-layer organza skirt also receive
d special treatment - A dip in golden dye, matching perfectly the bodice. Pure Faberge Enamel in fabric form! The skirt is decorated with gorgeous golden trim all around the rim.

Everything in this dress is special as none of the materials were used as they came originally They all received special artistic treatment and went through a transformation. The result is pure Kiki Hamann.
Presenting Little Czarina Miu Miu in her “Alexandra” dress!

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Isabel Dress

Who's your living bouquet?

My July dress is a refreshing breath for the very hot months of summer.

The inspiration behind this dress is the flower that marked my childhood growing up in Brazil. The beautiful blue hydrangea of the Imperial city of Petropolis, our family vacation destination.

The imperial city is known as Hydrangea capital of Brazil. Blue hydrangea bushes bloom everywhere and in every house.

This flower has yet a special significance. It was the favorite flower of Princess Isabel, a Princess who was not just noble in her title but noble in her heart. Princess Isabel was known as " Isabel the Redemptress" . Acting as regent she signed the final edict declaring the abolition of slavery in Brazil


This dress honors this outstanding princess.

The bring the Blue Hydrangea to life,
I created the bodice of this dress by overlaying blue and lavender petals, one by one to resemble the flower. These petals are hand sewn to a baby pink background. The bottom of the bodice is embellished by several Lavender organdy ribbons. It has dimension and texture, a 3D experience all in itself.

To bring yet more layers to this dress, I added two elements to the skirt. First a layer of royal blue nylon tulle to give the skirt support. Over the royal blue, a double layer of soft pink organza. The combination of this layers result in multi colored skirt, that reflects the light and mimics the flower.

The biggest challenge of this dress was the photography! :) My household camera, had difficulty focusing the layers and transparency of this dress. The photos you see here definitely do not do justice to this very feminine dress.

It is a boost of colors!

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The Sterling Dress

This is a very special dress made exclusively for my Miu Miu to match my silver tunic at an special event.

I have a passion for silver and for a long time I was wanting to create a silver sterling dress. I searched for months for the right fabric.. and then it showed up... a beautiful gray rustic cotton threaded with silver floss. Divine and elegant. To this gray silver combination I added a unique gorgeous vintage brooch I have had for a very very long long time - a beautiful butterfly with rhinestones and little pearls.

The butterfly sits on a big white organza bow.

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The Eliza Dress - "My Fair Lady"

When My Fair Lady, the motion picture came out in 1964, I was still a baby and would never have guessed that in years to come it would become my personal reference for elegance and style. So when I decided I wanted to do a high society dress for a canine lady, nothing seemed more natural than to represent Eliza Doolittle in her Ascott Opening dress.

The tremendous costume designing of Cecil Beaton, whose visual contributions immediately impacted European and U.S. fashion trends touched my heart and I just had to do it! To bring Eliza back to life, in black and white canine couture style.

The Ascott scene / horse races is a fashion masterpiece! Many famous designers were invited to collaborate with Mr. Beaton in the biggest serious fashion display in Hollywood of all times.

The challenge was to do an entire scene in Black and White outfits. I invite you to watch one more time, the Ascott scene and be mesmerized by its phenomenal outfits.

French lace, Silk Shantung, and 100% pure silk, were brought with me from my travels to Europe. I would have nothing but the best for my Eliza. This dress was born during my flight back to the US and I sketched with passion for seven hours … it was the shortest and most enjoyable flight ever! :)No “blings” on this dress... just amazing elegance and phenomenal quality materials. The best money can buy!

For the bodice of the dress, highly textured french lace is embroidered in silk white ribbons, forming flowers. The lace is applied to a backing of black shantung to give it life and make it the lace stand out. The full, armed skirt is made from 100% Italian Silk in black and white stripes. It was quite challenging to arm this skirt. Interface, gave it the lift and volume it needed.

Eliza, required some special bows. An over-sized Shantung black and white bow nests two roses: One black and one white both carrying feather tails.

The black and white in this outfit represents the two Elizas... the Lady and the Flower girl. Hard to say, which one I love the most!

Ah, a hat! Must have a hat! One that would sit well on the tiny heads I was creating for! More than that, it had to be a comfortable fit, so a dog could really wear it.

My inspiration for the format of the hat, was totally equestrian. Inspired by the Horse Racing, I redesigned a Riding Top Hat! All in black and white of course with all trimmings a lady would desire. On the hat... a tribute to a Eliza's days as a Flower Girl and therefore, the only touch of color of this outfit.

It has been wonderful shopping for, designing and creating this dress! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did imagining and reinventing Eliza!

Professor Higgins would approved and Eliza would have danced all night!

Millie LaRue plays a beautiful Eliza!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Mad Hatter Harness

A couture harness for boys was way due and I had to deliver it! I do love creating for the little guys, as it seems to be very difficult to find high quality pieces other than tuxedos!

Still in Wonderland, I searched for inspiration! and yes, the Tea Party is my favorite part of the story.. he was staring at me and screaming to be created! My own version of the Madhatter!
Permission to be mad! I closed my eyes and envisioned my own hatter...
A dash of Elton John, a little bit of David Bowie, something of Charles Chaplin and a lot of Kiki Hamann!
There is logic in this craziness!
The vest is made from Great black and golden Brocade to which i have sewn a strip of black suede.On the back of the vest, there are a few special items. A heart, stolen from the Queen Of Hearts herself and a teapot. One needs to be always ready for unexpected celebrations!
A pocket watch and an hour glass just to make sure time won't pass by unnoticed!
Beautiful ornate buttons are connected by a chain!O huge bow tie is made from satine shantung. It is over sized. I wouldn't have it any other way!
And for the hat...
the hat is done in beautiful black ribbon. Madhatter may be mad, but definitely a man of class and silver spoons! I have added diamonds and gemstones for extra glitz! A few teapots and coffee pots... and as for that Kiki unexpected touch... I incorporated the rabbit to his hat.

Wonders of wonderland.. there is no right or wrong, just different perceptions!

Please email me if you are interested in having a Madhatter set for your baby. Please keep in mind, the pieces and charms I use, are special findings. I will use different charms and findings on each outfit, but maintaining true to my own creation.

and on the mystical note...
I just had to share... my little girl, Nina, the model in these pictures is an amazing dog. I truly believe she captures my mind and my vision for each creation as she very obviously becomes the character I had in mind for each model. In this photo shooting, I was amazed to noticed that she even looks like my sketch... same expression!

I love my Madhatter!

The Alice Dress

This Dress took more than just took uniting three countries and eight different suppliers to allow me to have in hands the materials to materialize my mind into an Alice Dress...
With so much Wonderland going on, I too, caught the fever and got carried away into revisiting and re-creating Alice.
My own Alice!

The inspiration did not come from Hollywood. In this case, it was a perfect combination of my early childhood memories and my College girl notes.... :-)
I grew up, or better saying... did not grow up at all, reading the great Lewis Carroll.
A passion for fine china, tea parties, hats and hatters and all things Victorian, bit me and I simply could not ignore Alice. Queen Victoria herself was an avid reader of Alice! I know it!!!

I invite you to celebrate in great style, yet another "unbirthday" as you travel with me into this fabulous dress and unveil its mysteries!

The Blue, had to be Alice perfect! Not baby blue, not grayish blue, not sky blue... I dug hard into my head to find just the right shade and it came from the old English Wedgewood China. More precisely a collection of Wedgewood boxes that sat in my living room as I was growing up!( I included a picture of it)...

So, Wedgewood Blue and Opal White was certainly an Alice beginning! To this ever so perfect background, I added a splash of Victorian Black as I buttoned down this dress in black bows and filigree buttons that sit over a strip of lace.
Ruffles of white organza make up for the lack of puffy sleeves and a big, constructed bow marries ruffles, lace and bows.

The bodice of the dress is made from Silk Shantung and lined with top quality Suede. The skirt is made from two shades of blue organza layered for dimension and fullness.

But this would not be Wonderland if I did not get a smile out of you....So I gave Alice a big watch to make sure she would not miss the party and I intentionally hung it up side down to express the Wonderland nonsense... and of course, a super unique little tea pot Add Image
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for your tea cup!

A beautiful silver chain made up of little birds join together the watch and the tea cup!

A very Victorian Cameo was then added to the neck... Alice was most definitely a silver spoon baby!

Thank you for been a part of my imagination!

Note: Trixie, the Greyhound is photographed by Nicole Geller.

For ordering information and availability, please check my website:

The Andalusia Dress

I am very motivated by my surroundings when I create! The sounds, the environment, the scents... All my senses create along with me! It is more than just visual!
To the flammable music of the Gypsy Kings - strong , passionate, danceable, energizing, romantic and so sensual I sit to create my next dress. I wanted to represent the undeniable Hispanic Heritage of Miami, the city I have embraced as my home.
The sun is setting in amazing colors of red as we walk the Espanola Way. The street is packed with little cafes and beautiful people. The music is provocative. There is loud clapping and so much laughter. The occasion calls for Red Wine and Tapas. The whole environment is so seductive!
The flamenco dancer performs with passion and fervor always striving for grace and dignity.
Coming from that place in my imagination, I bring you this strong sexy and dramatic dress! It is "caliente" and it definitely speaks "Espanol" !

The bodice of the dress is made from silky burgundy fabric that could have been spilled from a jar of Sangria! It has beautiful accents of black velour flowers.

The skirt is the fullest I have ever done. Two layers of burgundy organza underneath a layer of beautiful black lace! It sits perfectly!

Red flowers could not have been left out as they are the essence of Flamenco!

Now, as for the Kiki Hamann touch, a little pill box hat, brings flowers to the head! The hat is held in place by black organza ribbons!

This is Drama... Kiki Hamann style.

Note: This dressed is designed exclusively for intense personalities! Let you little dog wear it at your own risk! :)


Note: The beautiful Italian Greyhound featured in this blog is Miss Trixie, wonderfully photographed by Nicole Geller.

The Faberge Rothchild Dress

The Faberge Dress - Inspired by the beautiful Jeweled Eggs from the House of Faberge! Made from the best and for the best!

I have been drooling over these eggs for just about my entire life and inspired by this secret passion of mine I decided to bring this influence into my March Dress.

I wanted to create a Royal Pink Dress with class and elegance worthy of a Czarina!

From the Rothschild Faberge I got inspired to find just the right shade of dusty soft pink!

The bodice was inspired by the exterior work of several of the Eggs. All laced in crystals and enamel.

I had to add a piece of jewel. And in this case, a vintage crystal brooch , what a luxury! To the bodice of the dress I added embroidered french knots and hot pressed a few crystals.
Not to mention a four looped over sized organza bow.

The full and long skirt made from Baby Pink, adds to the regal look!

But... a merely Kiki Hamann element was still missing... and to this ever so elegant and feminine look I added a Stole made from Faux Ostrich Fur in complimentary dusty pink.

The Stole brings Russian Splendor to this piece and it is fun even when worn by itself.

This dressed is lined in the finest ultrasuede for the comfort of your dog. The stole is also lined in ultra suede and handstiched.

This is an unique, and one of a kind dress made by me, for you.

You are buying more than just a dress for your dog, in fact you are buying a piece of me, my imagination, my vision! :)

I will reproduce a dress like this one for your puppy with a similar piece of jewel, as the one in this picture is one of a kind.

Thank you for stopping by and getting a first look at what I have been doing! You have the privilege of seeing it first, even before it makes it to my website!

These dresses will be made to the order and to fit your dog. Each will have an unique one of a kind brooch!

The model above is Trixie photographed by talented Nicole Geller