Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Black and White Collection Runway Show - Winter 2010

 I was long due to blog about our Winter 2010 Runway Show : The Black & White Collection. It was spectacular in every sense of the word and if you were there with us that night, you know exactly what I am talking about.  What makes a successful runway show anyway?  In my belief, it is great story telling , script writing and amazing fashion put together as a show by a formidable director of operations.  The conductor of our show was Alex Freire, the man behind everything and all the right choices!   

What makes a fashion show unforgettable?  It is all in the details: the right crowd, the right models, the right setting, the right drinks and food and makeup artist and hair stylists and very important; the right music and light system bringing just the perfect energy to play. A runway fashion show is a display of attitude and it should mimic the designer's intention for the line being presented. 

I am so proud of this fashion show as it represented my vision as a designer from the step and repeat down to the beautiful closing.  I will dare to say: Canine Fashion has not ever in history been presented the way I have done in this event.  Canine Couture has taken a whole different meaning in the dictionary!

The event was held at the courtyard of One Bal Harbour Hotel and Spa. Impossibly more Miami!  The outside patio faces the picture perfect view of a beachfront oasis. The weather was just right , thank you God! 

As our guests walked into our show they were greeted by our official photographer, Carlos Hernandez  a.k.a.UKMCBO and had the chance to pose at the the Step and Repeat designed by me.  From the door to the runway, everything was Black & White perfection, setting the mood. I was completely flattered to notice all of our guests dressed up in black & white just for us.  This commitment from the crowd to the theme of my collection got tears running down my cheeks and I knew then, I was writing fashion history.

As our guests mingled, sipped SexCC Liquids and ate the great food provided by Boteco, I was busy getting pretty for the night at Hair 1160, not too far from the hotel. Behind the scenes, make up artist Katherine Johnson got our human models looking runway ready. 

Canine Couture with real fashion approach was about to debut on the black carpet.

Black and White dogs of all sizes made their way onto the runway presenting the fashion of KHCC.  Leather handbags, carriers, pouches, dresses, harnesses did not fail to impress a very enthusiastic audience.

When the show was over, I came in to collect my personal laurel crown.  Yes, it felt special to be there receiving the applause.  It was so much fun!

I want to make a special mention to Patrick Lopez  a.k.a. Xpresso Music for always providing the best soundtrack and for O & J Electric for making sure that generator was up all night running!
For The Pet Club for creating the Dog Bar and distributing treats to our furry guests! Nick Betancourt for stepping up last minute and helping to connect!
Thank you guys!

Me, standing tall on the dogwalk!

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