Sunday, November 28, 2010

My personal thoughts on the creation process!

- When I create something I think of myself first... would I wear it? If the answer is a of course self, I would.. I go for it!

- I design with thoughts and I think with images! I just can't separate the two processes.

- When I design a collection I have a vision... who, where, how and why. It all comes together in my mind when I have a clear understanding of purpose and intentions. Class, functionality and a bit of exhibitionism! :) It is designed for the stylish lover with an urge for "out of the box" fashion.


- If you have walked into my life, you are now part of my inspiration and a living character of my life story. I believe in the power of connecting energies.. I never walk alone and this is why my journey is always pleasant and enjoyable!


- I need Sushi to create amazing fashion! My stomach is Asian!


- I am completely unfocused, thus I create.  Allow yourself to scatter and you will find yourself geniusly creative.  



- When I say "Impossibly Better" it is then, time to stop and send it to the universe!


- I refuse to pay for publications because I don't believe in paying anyone to tell the world what I want them to think about my work!


- My dreams are too big for my pillow!


- We, Fashion Designers, are always a season ahead, an emotion behind and an attitude on time!


- Nothing aggravates me more than people telling me what to do!


- When the unpredictable happens.. it could just be God rearranging outcomes. Embrace changes!

- My numbers have colors... my colors have scents... my scents have forms have sounds have movement In the two left sides of my brain, I create with all my senses! Nonsense? Nope, Kikisense!

- Great ideas come to the mind when you are not obsessively searching for them

- Fashion is a memento. It is absorbing visual creation with all the senses. It is all about intentions 

 Note: the beautiful yorkie featured in this article is Millie LaRue of Hilton Head, SC.


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