Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Cardinal of Christmas Dress

Once again I turned to my childhood for the inspiration behind this dress. The most magical memories of my family holidays are represented in this piece.
People mostly associate Christmas with the color red… I dared to be different and again non-conforming; in my own perception Christmas has always been green! Green a...s in Christmas trees… as in garlands... as in rich welcoming wreaths… and mistletoes, as in bowls of pistachio nuts… green as in life itself! No other time of the year brings us the life intensity found at Christmas and I wanted to wish you all a very merry green Christmas like the ones I used to know!

At our home, we gathered for Christmas supper at the midnight of December 24. After supper is when the present exchanges happened. The children used to gather around the three, counting the boxes… and waiting for the cuckoo clock to announce our favorite midnight of the year.

This dress tells stories of green imperial Christmases, garlands and flowers and memories of ornate stair rails - Memories of the magical cuckoo bird bringing us the most whimsical midnight of the year. Cuckoo clock, golden ribbons, evergreens, white petals… it is all here in Canine Couture Style in this timeless piece.

The dress is made from emerald colored cotton that goes marvelous with every fur color. It is trimmed in luxurious golden lace for a very imperial look. A garland of organdy ribbon comes down the dress, caught in blossoms of white Poinsettia. The dress comes alive when a red feathered cardinal lands at the waist giving it an absolute decorative value and 3D impression. The skirt is lined with red tulle for extra support and charm.

From my heart to yours, Merry Green Christmas

Kiki Hamann

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  1. would love thiskind of level of detail in some boy clothing ... :)