Thursday, February 24, 2011

Urban Elegance, The New Collection

With summer around the corner it is time to launch a lighter collection. I am so excited. Warm weather means dogs go more places and are seen more often. When I sat down at the sketch board to design my newest collection - Urban Elegance, these are the considerations I had in mind.

Phantom Harness, Lexi Harness and New York Harness

1) A dog wears his fashion for the duration of their lifetime.  So each piece is an investment and it should be durable, functional and beautiful.  I also added season-less to the bowl!

The Kenzo Set (Harness and Belly Band)

2) Many countries are not yet into Dog Clothing per se. With that in mind, I will design great harnesses and Couture Carriers.

The Phantom Tote Bag and Matching Harness

3)  The social dog goes places, attends events blends in with people and therefore, I would like for their style to represent their owners and pair up with human fashion so there is no clash!

After putting these three major points on my visual board, I sat down armed with charcoal and colored pencils and began sketching away. The theme for this collection is the Urban Lifestyle. I am totally seduced by the upbeat elegance of Metropolitans.  Practical + Stule = Metro Elegant.

Dressing up for the city life means keeping accessories, details haute and investing in quality elements. I love how color is added to solid canvases.  I also love how color is washed and less vibrant so it travels through time.

So here's a toast, Cosmo of course, to my newest intense, uplifted, totally gorgeous Summer 2011Collection of Canine Couture.  On with the new.  Old ideals, new ideas!

Reinvent your Dog!


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