Saturday, February 19, 2011

Styling Your Dog Goes Beyond Clothing!

We got up early this morning and headed straight to Miramar to visit Charliston and Shirley at The Pet Club. Kenzo was due for a new look worthy of my new collection and I wouldn’t trust him to anybody but the only Pet Stylists in the Miami area. Yes, that’s right, pet stylist is exactly who they are, much more than just groomers.

As you walk into their Shop, a delightful Spa / Boutique, you are immediately struck by color! Yes, bright Brazilian colors completely fill the place with so much charm, energy, bringing a boost of happiness to any breathing being. Charliston and Shirley are indeed people of color.

They work their magic that goes beyond just using their clippers. Charliston, takes Kenzo from my hands, hugs him and analyzes carefully the work in progress. It had been months since he had had his last grooming and my fur ball is in desperate need for some serious styling. Kenzo is to become the new face of Kiki Hamann. The transformation is about to happen. Shirley runs to the back room and comes back with a pile of books on Poodle grooming. She illustrates with pictures all the ideas they have in mind. It is so visual and easy to understand, my grooming anxiety quietly fades out! I am so relieved to be dealing with professionals. We decide on a shorter cut to enhance my fashion. We keep his pom poms for extra charm (my French heart needs the pom poms) and we style his ear to tassels for added personality.

We leave our boy in the careful hands of our experts and go out for a bite. I can’t wait to see my Kenzo, transformed! Oh My, and what a beautiful transformation.
He looks exactly how I wanted him to look. He is elegant, he looks smart, stylish and metropolitan. The barking picture of my new collection!

Thank you Charliston and Shirley,
My very personal pet stylist, for the awesome job. Now I need a professional photographer to shoot our model . Shooting a black dog is not easy!


The pet club is located in Miramar , FL

All thumbs up, I totally recommend!

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