Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Madison Ave with Very Haute Canines

It is 29º F in Manhattan, and a few hours from arriving all the way from Miami. Here we are my friend Darsey and I strolling down Madison Ave with our very chic Canines, Millie LaRue and Miu Miu. The scene is so Metropolitan perfect! The dogs are sporting their Kiki Hamann Fur Coats made just for the occasion! Ahhh Manhattan never misses the unpredictable!

Posing the dogs under such harsh weather is no easy task, especially when so many walkers cannot help but stop to greet the elegant pooches. There are clicks coming from android phones, cameras of all nature, iPods, Blackberries. We are indeed causing a commotion. My heart fills with warmth from witnessing my Canine Fashion getting all the attention.

Suddenly a man, as if provided by the universe, comes running our way at speed of light. He throws himself on the floor and tells us with confidence, “I will get the shot!” The man is photographer Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York (www.humansofnewyork.com). I will remember this moment forever. Brandon is fun, full of energy, with a superhuman eye for what's happening. He is the buzz!
On his website he mentions “ The crowd has a face” and I will add to that… and the city has an EYE!

And this is where Brandon met us
Miu Miu Hamann, the Chihuahua and Millie LaRue, the Yorkie
Best Friends and International Top Models. The models are wearing the Manhattan Coat by Kiki Hamann

Darsey holds her Millie and my Miu Miu

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