Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Tote

I have created The Tote for all the dogs that understand their royalty status. Yes, they like to be carried around (never ever left behind), don’t really do well in leashes and demand comfort.  I have also created it for the humans like me with a fondness for practical products that remain functional while being haute.  This handbag is all of the above and then some.  It is hop in hop out practical and always ready to go.   

I spent a long time designing this tote. It had to be perfect all the way. The perfect size, the perfect shape.  I chose to give it an oval shape so doggie is as comfortable lying down as standing up.  The bag sits right under your arm, so your baby feels secure and safe at all times and you have her / him right under your vigilant eye. It is light and feels very comfortable when you wear it over your shoulder.

The bag is engineered in four layers, which means a lot of sewing time, no short cuts and hours of hand stitching.  On the other hand, this hard work translates into perfect shaping and durability.

The inside of the tote is lined with a soft mattress, making great bedding on the go.  The fuzzy lining can be pulled out for easy spot cleaning.  A safety chain attached to a d-ring allows you to clip your baby to the handbag.

My goal for my new Totes is to bring the same couture treatment I have devoted to my garments into a practical, easy to handle carrier that loves going places and getting attention!

The Victoria Tote is the first of a series to come. These are the first pieces of my 2011 Summer Collection.

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