Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Spring Break Dress

It is called a distraction!  :) Kiki was busy in her atelier creating Valentines fashion and new Spring items when she spotted her personal Pandora Box where she keeps her wonderful favorite items, pieces of fabric, trims, buttons, you know, the personal goodies and of course her imagination.  Along with the best goodies in the workshop, inside that box lies quietly DISTRACTION, and this is why she hides it safely away to prevent Distraction from flying out of the box.

Oops, it happened again! 

The Spring Break  Dress is a refreshing distraction bringing colors in the forms of flowers and birds to life!  

This is a perfect little girl's dress, with double armed skirts. A pleated fuchsia satin belt at the waist nests the migrating birds!

It is a breath of happiness!

There will be only one.  Special goodies don't come in bolts!

Cheers to beautiful spring days to come and walks in the park!

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