Friday, January 7, 2011

The Essentials - A Suitcase for the World Traveller Dog

Happy amazing 2011 everyone! This is my first product of the New Year! It is a celebration just as a expect the year to be!

I have had so much fun developing and creating this project! The inspiration was my personal life style doing one of the things I love the most... traveling with my dogs!

How can we take home along? The answer is of course, in a Kiki Hamann Essentials suitcase! :)

An antique inspired suitcase was the start for my journey. As I stripped down the original suitcase to its bare structure, hundreds of ideas came to my mind. I wanted the essentials to have an old world feel... European and timeless! Bois de Rose shades, touches of sage / light green to celebrate the spring to come! Printemps!

The essentials is a suitcase that doubles as a bed on the go. It was inspired by the wonderful antique doll trunks ... a tradition almost gone now!

Inside the trunk I created a big pocket to store toys and trinkets. I have given it a mattress that can be flipped from luxurious fur, when the weather or AC is chilly, to a fabric choice. Either look is beatuiful! The trunk is all redone in European fabric and finished in gold trimmings.

What goes in the trunk:
The essentials, of course! :)

A reversible mattress (yes, it can be washed). Luxurious Faux Lo / Hi Rabbit fur on one side and matching fabric on the other side.

A document case ( for all the traveling documents including dog shots and itinerary).

A long old fashion flannel nightgown with 3/4 sleeves so baby can have her beauty sleep in total comfort.

A gorgeous ivory ultra suede harness with a quadruple bow and and matching leash for day walks.

A gorgeous layered dress that is so elegant I want to scream!  The Lily Dress.

Two stainless steel water / food bowls that fit into a pouch for a quick drink / snack on the go.

A case for jewelery and little bows (lined in satin of course), with dividers for all the precious trinkets.

A pouch with on the go grooming essentials: A brush (embellished by me), doggie wipes and doggie breath mints.

A world traveler sweater, knitted by me!

And least but not last, a bath robe, that is so soft you would wish you had one as well.

Forgot to mention a matching name tag!

This beautiful suitcase if flying to meet lovely Lily! It was designed for her!

I will create OOAK ones by order only!

All of my dogs are demanding theirs!

Lily sweetheart... hope you love the surprise Mommie got for you!

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  1. May I feature this travel themes post on my blog? ??
    I would love to see what you would do for a sailer boy!