Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Godiva & Diamonds Dress

February is such a romantic month and I just can’t help but to tune in with the vibrations of Love.  Nope, this is not your conventional pink Valentines dress, this time, the inspiration comes from dark, rich, decadent, full of texture, sensorial, European “Chocolat” !   During my travels I have learned how to ask for the quintessential delight in different languages, dialects and even sign for it!   So here is my personal tribute to yet, another passion modeled by my Petit Bonbon!  :)

This dress got so much attention during our photo shoot.  It has an element of non expected, never seen before. It is haute all the way.  The design features a vest made from dark chocolate taffeta.  It is all gathered top for a dimensional textured look. Stripes of white sparkling crystal ( to be more precise, 115 stones) draw the eye to a cocoa shantung skirt.  This is a very special fabric, shimmering heavy shantung with charcoal  copper undertone.

The skirt is armed for extra body, in the best Monroe style.  A side bow features a crystal spiral just there for extra charm!

So, not your typical conventional Valentines dress, huh? Then again, I am not your typical conventional girl.  This Valentine’s Day, break all the rules and wrap yourself in Chocolate and Diamonds! Dare to be innovative!

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