Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Lovely Dress - A Valentines Special Edition

It is such a wonderful feeling to have the atelier surrounded by the romantic colors of Valentines! Romantic, that was the note I took to heart while creating my 2011 Valetines Dress. So as you glance through this album, picture yourself sipping wonderful Champagne… having guilty feelings about finishing up a box of expensive chocolate… dressing up in delightful scents, listening to romantic music… 

My Miu Miu definitely embraced the romantic mood the dress called for and I had the hardest time knowing when to stop the photo shoot… As you will see, she became Miss Valentines herself.

The inspiration for just the right pink came from yet another of my personal memories, this time my favorite chocolate candy – Sonho de Valsa (Dream of Waltz).  Strong, feminine yet, daring!  

My little canine fatale is dressed in a beautiful layered dress, made from the best imported Peau de Soie in vibrant pink.  For a layered look, I have given the dress a scalloped over skirt, made from divine striped organza in cheerful pink. Yes, that is right, pink on pink; it is all about the pink.  

The dress is complimented by a vine of crystal flowers and fuchsia roses that run from the bodice down to the waist.

Because Miu Miu has been a wonderful little girl, she deserved an extra. Yes, isn’t life about the extras?  Notice in her little paw a Crystal Bracelet.. what is a girl to do without diamonds on Valentine’s Day?

The bracelet is elastic and so much fun!
What is your Valentines inspiration?

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