Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The London Calling Bag

If you are not playing, you are not living!
says Kiki Hamann

3 days
3 Sewing Machines
10 fingers
2 hands
Air Brush,
12 Scissores
brush, thread and floss
2 pair of black jeans
Black fuzzy
An entire hardware shop
12 Rock Stars (SugarFree)
52 cups of espresso
All the attitude in the world!

This bag was created for your little punk! Do you have one? I have three at home. It was created from the rebellious spirit in all of us, sometimes dormant.. sometimes out and about.

There is nothing common about London Calling! It is pure irreverence.

For the past three days, I have been building layers and layers of dimensions to create this amazing bag. Aging the material was quite fun and hand sewing so many steps of the way. I wanted my UK bag to be reflective of its irreverent youth.. the trend setters, the rockers, the street punks! 

I wanted it to be true to the movement and yet, to still carry my note. The result is a fun couture, one a kind bag for your puppy, for you, for the UK and mostly for me. It was born out of my desire to create art, in fabric , in 3D

Please notice how many details I have conceived… there are chains, and spikes, and studs.. and plaid.. and lockets.. and a heavy silver buckle encrusted with crystals. Even my logo gets vamped and vintaged. I LOVE THIS BAG!

All of our girls tried for the photo shoot and went to sleep right away, it is that comfortable and that cozy.

Credits: Model: Giovanna Freire
Dog Models: Lodon and Miu Miu Hamann

The complete photoshoot is available at:

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