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Kiki Hamann Launches Twin Dresses

Kiki Hamann Launches Twin Dresses

Kiki Hamann Launches Twin Dresses Kiki Hamann Launches Twin Dresses Kiki Hamann Launches Twin DressesMiami, Florida ( July 31, 2013 -

 World Renown Canine Couture Designer Charms the World Once More with "Ma Petite Fille"

Take a step into the magic. From crepes and Champagne, comes a timeless, rustic, French sense of grace. Detach from the metropolitan, and feel the mist of a cool sea breeze on a warm summer day. From the urban coast of Miami to the rural edges of France, perfection in simplicity is rediscovered and remastered by none other than the most extravagant name in canine couture fashion. Iconic celebrity designer Kiki Hamann dazzles the world of apparel once more with nothing less than majestic excellence.
Commissioned by Rose Russo, Hamann crafts a work of love made two-fold for the twin Cavalier girls Penny Lane and Lily Pads. When approached by Russo, Rose said "Do what you do Kiki (Hamann), I fully trust you!" And for her these pieces were made with extra love by designer Kiki Hamann.
The idea came as all great ones do, over a glass of vintage wine and a buttery morning baguette. Kiki Hamann decided a fresh change in scenery was in order. Flying across the world, and scouring all of France from Paris to Bordeaux, Hamann travelled in search for the perfect fabric of French inspiration. The resulting product, is one of story-telling adventure and masterful ingenuity, Kiki Hamann presents: Ma Petite Fille!

Ma Petite Fille is an enrapturing design of intricacy held by Kiki Hamann herself amongst her finest creations comparable even to her world-renown Centaurus. The true beauty of Ma Petite Fille is found in its layers. Rekindling the memories of every French little girl, Ma Petite Fille is a dress fit for a glamorous little princess, little living dolls in this case. Each layer is made with a touch of love and stroke of past. Ma Petite Fille is a sensational work of art broken down into three main pieces: The lavish skirt, the delicate dress, and of course the embellishing jewelry.
The skirt of Ma Petite Fille is composed of 5 fabrics and 3 silks resulting in 3 layers of divine luxury. It begins with a base of white tulle for support and armature, and is followed by a second skirt of hand embroidered silk in ivory and sage green with butterflies and flowers for their respected girls. Finally the skirt is topped with a beautiful striped heavy embroidered silk that is cut in the shape of a heart to expose the bottom layers. This last layer is made in Royal Blue as well as Dusty Pink for each of Russo's girls, and is each lined with intense rust silk shantung in honor of their striking coats. The dress is an equally astonishing work of art, carrying hand-embroidered butterflies by Hamann to match its corresponding color scheme. Hamann takes it step further to infuse vibrant jewelry all throughout. Dazzled in Swarowski crystals and belted in Swarowski at the waist, Ma Petite Fille is a production of genius.
"I didn't purchase from France, I literally went shopping in France. I am dedicated to my clients and the wonderful furry friends I love every day. This is the type of commitment I deliver, and this is what makes me, Kiki Hamann." - Kiki Hamann.

Kiki Hamann Launches Twin Dresses

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