Friday, October 7, 2011


The Witchcraft Dresses

There is a difference between what I can do and what I will do. My creativity is no hypocrite! It has a loud voice. It will not copy.. it will not thrive on ideas that are not mine... it will not betray its taste and at times it evens refuses to duplicate its own creations. It is what is... a Moment of My Mind!
~Kiki Hamann 
When you have walked into my life you have become living characters of my life story, our life stories.  Your enthusiasm, ideas, memories, stories and histories have touched  my heart and triggered my imagination.  Creation involves this exchange of energies, of views, of experiences.  I tell stories with my hands... I write with my eyes. I am so alive and loving every minute of it! Thank you God!
Creating for you, inspired by you, understanding you , translating you...and yet, adding a piece of me, is what I live for!
~ Kiki Hamann

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