Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fit for a Brit: The Yorkshire Terrier Tote

Fit for a Brit: The Yorkshire Terrier Tote

So the story goes that on of my first customers  bought one of my handbags before she actually bought her dog. The dog in question was a Yorkie.
Yes, that breed.. it does something to us poor humans! Although I am still not owned by a Yorkie, I already have the tote set aside! :)
Because details matter!

I just had to sit down and create something o…f regal inspiration to honor the delightful and spirited Yorkshire Terrier.

I wanted it to be elegant so it could double as a handbag even when furry does not get to go out!

I’ve chosen colors that blend in with breed’s wonderful medley of shades. Blues, caramels, beiges, tans… so you would think of your Yorkie even at those times when you are using the tote to carry your laptop. It really helps too, that those wonderful hues by God also match easily one’s wardrobe!

For the design I wanted it to be irreverent and audacious, portraying the spirit of the terrier. But what is a Yorkie without a bow!

This tote bag is made from 4 layers, making it sturdy enough to carry either your baby dog or your personal items.It is lined in super soft fuzzy fabric that can be pulled out for spot cleaning.

A safety chain is included so you can clip your dog in for safety.The tote can be carried either over your shoulder or on your arms.

Gorgeous brocades are arranged in collage  composition. Attention to all the details. Lace, velvet ribbons and Victorian inspired buttons signal the very British inspiration of my design.

I had the best time conceiving this tote bag. I hope you love it as much as I did creating it!
Kiki Hamann

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